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sweat-proof armpit pads
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Disposable dress shields; Brazabra, Behind the Seams, Garment Guards.

SWEAT-PROOF innovative undershirts and camisoles that provide armpit protection for outer apparel. DriRx™ Technology ensures that sweat will not pass thru the ADVADRI® dress shields.

ADVADRI Dress Shields, Today's Apparel Protection for Life   

Crew Neck Undershirt:   2   5   7   |   V-Neck Undershirt:   2   5   7
Vee Crop Top Camisole   2   5   7  |   Scoop Crop Top Camisole   2   5   7  |   Classic Top Camisole   2   5   7
Oval Style Dress Shields   2   5   7   |   Quick Style Dress Shields   2   5   7
Double Face Adhesive Flash Tape   |   Disposable Underwear  |
Brazabra   |   Behind the Seams   |   Garment Guards

Camisoles with  Underarm Dress Shields

ADVADRI® Scoop Neck Crop Top Camisole

US Patent 6,282,720
Camisole with ADVADRI® dress shields.
Made of high quality cotton fabric for absorbency.  Cotton fabric is recommended by physicians to protect against perspiration and odor. No sewing, no pinning; just put it on and enjoy comfort all day.

100% combed cotton 7.5 oz jersey. This shirt will wear well and retain its original shape after multiple washings. Machine washable; saves time and money on dry-cleaning your clothes.





Item CAM-0 

Size and Color
Item #
$16.99 CAM-0 Without Dress Shields
$25.99 CAM-2 Sweat proof Dress Shields
$25.99 CAM-5 Sweat Resistant Dress Shields

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